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Minecraft Release (v1.0+) Natively Supports Minecraft Viewer

By Killing @ 08:17:23
We're proud to announce that the full release of Minecraft (v1.0) launched at Minecon supports Minecraft Viewer natively. The port it runs on is the same as the server port, which is 25565.

If you have the plugin installed from pre-release (beta) Minecraft releases, you need to remove the plugin to avoid conflicts.

Bukkit Plugin v1.0d

By Killing @ 22:17:23
It seems some JRE's or possibly the LINUX kernel has an issue which prevents the MinecraftViewer plugin shutting down properly on rare occasions.

To combat this we have released v1.0d of the Bukkit plugin which adds a workaround for this issue. If your seeing the following in your server log / console then try this update.
13:10:05 [WARNING] [MinecraftViewer] Thread failed to exit after 1 second!
13:10:06 [WARNING] [MinecraftViewer] Thread failed to exit after 1 second!
As always all feedback on MinecraftViewer is appreciated, add your view on our forums

Fixes & Enhancements

By Killing @ 00:57:24
Thanks to feedback on our new features, we're just make a few fixes and enhancements
  • DNS based hostnames are no longer lost by customising banners
  • Customisation options for 350x20 now work again
  • Fixed theme delete for existing themes
  • Multiple theme saves no longer create duplicate entries in the drop down
  • Hostnames are now used on the small 350x20 banners if they fit
All feedback on MinecraftViewer is appreciated, add your view on our forums

Custom Background Images & more...

By Killing @ 00:36:50
MinecraftViewer just got updated adding the following great new features:-
  • More Background Images
  • Fully Customizable background images
  • Dynamic IP address server support, for those who dont have Multiplay Minecraft Server ;-)


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