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About the Plugin

The full release of Minecraft includes native support for the queries used by Minecraft Viewer all you need to do is enable query support.

Minecraft Release & Bukkit - Activate Query Support

Minecraft Release

  1. Edit server.properties and set enable-query=true and set a value for motd
  2. Restart your server

Old versions of Bukkit & Canary

If your running an old beta version of Minecraft, prior to the full release (v1.0), the Minecraft Viewer Plugin adds the ability for Minecraft Viewer to query your Minecraft server, which is needed to get the stats used to create the cool banners ;-)

In order to run the Minecraft Viewer plugin you need a server with plugin support installed. Currently there are two main Minecraft servers which support plugins

Minecraft Viewer has a plugin for both Bukkit & Canary so if your already running either of these servers then your already half way there.

Minecraft Beta - Installing the Plugin

If you're still running a old beta release of Minecraft (pre v1.0) then you can Install the Minecraft Viewer plugin click here to see how

Get Your Banners

Once you have setup your server using the instructions above, you're ready to pick and configure your server banner

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